By | February 13, 2018
Know the Most Common Ways How Malware Can Affect Your Device

Cybersecurity is one of our priorities nowadays with the immense importance of the internet. The growing internet usage and internet dependability are also the reasons behind increasing crimes and violations on the internet. One side of these violations and threats include the malware, spyware, phishing scams, adware and other malicious viruses. Often people don’t possess any idea how they’re going to get affected by those malware or viruses. So, let me explain how your device can be affected without even letting you know.

Video, Music and Software Download

The assistant professor and privacy researcher at Harvard Business School, Ben Edelman considers the Torrent sites as the most dangerous places to welcome malware to your device. Also, the third-party software and mobile application download sites like Softonic can load your device with plenty of perilous components which are enough to destroy your PC’s or mobile’s system.

It’s preferable to avoid these sorts of sites, but if you have to, then you should have a secondary system as a backup and a worthy antivirus installed on your system.

Fake Antivirus Software

There’re ample of Antivirus software which will ask you for payments and extort your money and credit card details. Most of the fake antivirus software is labeled as the extortionware! The trial version of the antivirus will literally nag you until you purchase its ‘pro’ version. And the time you’ll purchase, you’re giving your credit card credentials to the criminals. Imagine how they can reuse your credit card credentials.

You can get affected by the fake antivirus in a number of ways ranging from malicious payload downloading, drive-by downloading. So, try not to use any unauthentic antivirus.

Exploit Kits

Exploit Kits generally searches for the non-updated software in your computer and seeks for the security holes in the software with a goal of embedding malware on user’s system. This can happen if you visit a website that possesses the malvertising. The trusted or unknown websites can be a victim of this issue where it makes use of the advertisements to incorporate a malicious code there.

Recently Yahoo and popular men’s website AskMen were targets of the Exploit kits. So, make sure you have updated all your software.

Mobile Ransomware

Ransomware isn’t a newbie as a computer threat but recently Ransomware is targeting the mobile platforms severely and that became a matter of our concern. Basically, Ransomware targets the important files on our mobiles such as documents, images, and others. It encrypts and blocks them! Users are asked for the money to unblock them and get access to their own files.

You can get in touch with the ransomware by visiting an infected site where an infected file will automatically be downloaded. On the other hand, downloading a malicious app can also cause you enough damage and the threat of Ransomware. So, get habituated with regular backups.

Browser Extension

Know the Most Common Ways How Malware Can Affect Your Device

Browser Extensions are the add-ons which are highly popular to perform horde of different tasks and that’s why people use them enormously. But the dark side of the browser extension is unknown to most of them. Some of the add-ons can steal your important information once you add them to your browser. Some of them can incorporate rogue ads to the website you usually visit and redirect you to click on those. So, be cautious from the next time.

These are the most lethal and common ways how you can be attacked by malware. You can get the detailed information about the malware attacks and its outcome here on Layerpoint.